Our complete corrugating line from the famous company in TAIWAN with fully computerized production system from wet to dry end sections.


We are dealing a wide range of corrugated packaging for all types of flute B, C ,E, BC, BE, BB of flute combinations. The corrugators machine producing sheets which is transforms into packaging boxes and trays in our converting lines. We produce also blank sheet for maximum size of 2200 mm in width x 4000 mm in length.  We supply also corrugated rolls mostly used for wrapping materials for furniture such as metal, glass, wood and other confectionery industry. 

             11. THE CONVERTING LINE

The primary machines are Rotary die cutter and Flexo folder gluer machines. We offer both high quality prints up to 5- colors in high graphic printing from brown paper, white paper and glossy white paper with over print varnish.


Regular slotted carton(RSC) are commonly used for box which is convenient for transport of product from warehouse to the customers end. Available for all types of Flute B, C, E, BC, BE & BB .


Die cut trays mostly used in auto packing machines such as Water, Dairy & beverage products, soft drink and other industry using automation machines. We are dealing lot of customers like farmers of vegetables tray, fruits and others for packing purposes.  We produce also Crush lock and self lock die cut trays for healthy diet foods, dairy products and other purpose. Available for all types of Flute B, C, E, BC, BE & BB .


Specialty Folder Gluer mainly to process crush lock and self lock carton trays up to 3 points glued. Mostly used for healthy diet food, ice cream and other dairy products printed up 5- colors on white and brown top paper. High graphic printing up to 5 colors having overprint varnish in glossy white top paper.


Automatic stitching machine primarily to process stitched or staple carton. Mostly used for the frozen meats/fish product, Freight /cargo services and other related industry.


Also available Semi –Automatic two stitched joint for Jumbo / large carton box commonly used for convenient in warehousing and transportation. Available in B, C,BC ,BB & BE flutes combination.